Group Yoga Sessions - 1 Month₹1,199
Group yoga sessions - 3 per week
Time Slots Available (Choose slot after payment) :
6-7 AM | 7-8 AM
5-6 PM | 6-7 PM
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We recommend 3 or 5-month programs, as curing a health disorder in natural ways, takes time.


You will be assigned a dedicated team of experts - an ayurveda expert, a yoga expert and a health coach - who will work with you throughout the program.
  • You will be able to choose a yoga expert to run your personal yoga sessions. You may choose based on their available days, time slots, session fee, languages and experience. 
  • The yoga and the ayurveda experts will each create a personalized regime for you to achieve your goal. 
  • Your ayurveda expert will meet with you as per a schedule that will be shared with you after your first consultations.
  • Your yoga expert will conduct three guided sessions every week on the days and time slot of your choosing.
Your health coach will be available every step of the way throughout the program and help you to make sure you stick to the regime and achieve your goal.
Your guided sessions with the yoga expert will run based on a schedule chosen by you when booking the program. You will be able to select yoga experts based on their days and times of availability.  Your meetings with the ayurveda expert will be scheduled as per mutually convenient times. Your health coach will manage the complete coordination for setting up your consultations. You will be able to chat with your health coach anytime and set up any number of calls with the health coach during the program.
Based on your medical history and health disorder we match you with the right ayurveda expert from our team based on their expertise and availability in curing people with similar conditions. We also factor in the availability of the expert for the duration of your program.
Your yoga expert will conduct three guided sessions with you every week. Each of these sessions will be about 1 hour long. Your session plans are customized for you by the experts based on your specific requirements, age, flexibility, the state of your health disorder and any related health conditions existing. On the other days, you will be expected to perform the routine yourself. Depending on the need, your yoga expert may also provide advice regarding fitness and exercises in addition to the yogic interventions for all the days of the week.
Consulting experts All of our experts are highly qualified professionals, having passed out from top institutes in India and with many years of experience in curing your health problem. They go through a rigorous process of selection, verification of their credentials and reference checks before we empanel them. In addition, we assign the most suitable expert to you based on their experience with your health issue, gender, languages spoken etc.  Therefore, changing your consulting experts is not encouraged unless they have given you reasons to deem their behavior or conduct inappropriate or offensive. In such cases, you must reach out to your health coach who will surely assist you further. If you have specific reservations and doubts about the approach that the expert is recommending, please speak to your health coach who can help you understand the recommendations better and ask any specific queries on your behalf to the expert. If your reservations persist, the health coach can also initiate an internal case discussion in which case more than one expert may review the recommended regime and approach.  Yoga experts for personal yoga sessions You may choose a different yoga expert for your 1-1 yoga sessions, mid-way during the program in case you are not satisfied with your interactions with the yoga expert you chose at the start of the program. Our health coaches will help you find a suitable expert in such cases.
Yes, as long as your yoga expert is available in your desired time slot and days, the health coach will set up your new schedule with your yoga expert.  In case your desired time slot is not available with your present yoga expert, you may choose to schedule your sessions with a different yoga expert.
Health issues which are targeted by our programs, take considerable time to set in before the symptoms manifest in the body. Ayurvedic and yogic interventions which are recommended to treat these health issues work by correcting the underlying root causes e.g. any hormonal imbalances, insulin resistance or other metabolic changes. It is expected that your body will take time before restoring itself close to its naturally healthy state.  While a 1-month plan will help you experience the program and should show initial experiential signs of improvement such as better flexibility, feeling more energetic and better internally, the tangible results will take longer to show. Hence, we recommend you go ahead with the 3 or 5-month plan.
No - higher fee for a yoga expert DOES NOT mean that they are necessarily better than other yoga instructors.   We let our yoga experts decide their own fee on our platform. Therefore the fee displayed is just an indicator of how THEY value their time, not of how good they are.  Each of our yoga experts are empaneled on our platform only after a rigorous selection process and after verifying their understanding of the health issue for which they have been listed on the platform. Rest assured, each of them is qualified to create and run a regime for you. It's important that you connect well with your yoga expert.  Please feel free to choose a yoga expert based on your preferences of days, time slots, languages they speak, their bio, years of experience and the degrees & certifications, and not just based on the fee they charge.
Consultation fee includes everything except taxes and the fee for personal yoga sessions. It includes ayurveda consultations, internal case discussions, health coach services amongst other operational aspects of the programs.
Yes, you can upgrade your plan later. However, your yoga instructor and the ayurvedic expert might be committed to other users by that time and you may be assigned to another panel of experts, which is not ideal. Hence, we recommend starting with a 3-month plan at least, if not the 5-month one.
Yes. In case, some of you may find yourselves unwilling to continue with the program, we have the following refund policy.
  • We will offer a 100% refund if you cancel before the first consultation and within 24hrs of your order, whichever is earlier
  • If you cancel after three or less consultations/sessions, we will refund 50% of the price paid
  • After the program has progressed to more than three sessions/consultations, we will not refund any of the fee.
No. The price of any ayurvedic formulations or herbs or supplements prescribed by the expert as well as the price of any diagnostic test will be borne by you. Also, we do not endorse any specific brands and it is purely a matter of the mutual preference of you and your expert.